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We are “ID Editora” and “Estudos Nacionais“, an editorial house in Brazil dedicated to make available to the public, books and reports that can help readers understand the current reality.

It is also present in the mission, to edit, translate and encourage authors and independent researchers in the publication of fundamental books to collaborate on several areas of knowledge that, for some reasons, are not being contemplated by the editorial market, public debate and academic literature.



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Our history and books published may describe us

In 2016, we published the first book in Brazil, written by Cristian Derosa, master in journalism and cofounder of ID Editorial and National Studies (Estudos Nacionais). Cristian’s book is “The Social Transformation: How mass media became a propaganda machine”.

In 2017, we translated the classical book by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann – Spiral of Silence, and in 2018, Marlon Derosa, cofounder of ID Editorial launched and coauthored the book “We need to talk about abortion: myths and truths”, the biggest pro-life book published in Brazil (maybe in the world), with more than 640 pages.

Books published by “Editora Estudos Nacionais”, brand of “ID Editora”.

Titles in Portuguese:

  1.  A Transformação Social, Cristian Derosa (2016)
  2. A Espiral do Silêncio, de Elisabeth Noelle-Neuman (2017)
  3. Precisamos falar sobre: mitos e verdades, Marlon Derosa (Org.) (2018)
  4. Legislação e Vida, Hermes Rodrigues Nery (2018)
  5. Fake News: fingindo fazer jornalismo, Cristian Derosa (2019)
  6. Abortos forçados: como a legalização do aborto tira das mulheres seus direitos reprodutivos, Marlon Derosa e Dra Lenise Garcia (2019)
  7. Revista Estudos Nacionais, edição “Gênero e pedofilia” (2017)
  8. Revista Estudos Nacionais, edição “Fake News” (2018)
  9. Revista Estudos Nacionais, edição “Esquerda em dólares” (2018)
  10. Revista Estudos Nacionais, edição “Ativismo Judicial” (2018)
  11. Cristofobia: A perseguição aos cristãos no Século XXI – Luis Antequera (2020)
  12. Não tenhais medo – Elton Mesquita (2019)
  13. Cruzado de Direita – Guto Peretti (2020)
  14. Abortos ocultos e a mentalidade contraceptiva – Ana Derosa, Marlon Derosa e Luan Gonçalves (2020).
  15. Judicialização do Aborto: o Direito em caminhos tortos – Eduardo Cabette (2020)
  16. Santa Filomena: doce filha da Luz – Ana Derosa

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